Environmental Study Tour to Perth

Date: 1 to 8 July 2017

On 1st July, we started our 8-day tour of the environmental studies in Perth, Australia. Before I went to the trip, I had never heard of Perth. Sydney and Melbourne are bustling cities. Perth, which still has tall buildings and its central business district, shows more of its close relationship between citizens and the nature.

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U.K. Cambridge Study Tour

Date: 2-15 July 2017

The U.K. seemed dull to me before I went on this study tour. However, my experience in these 14 days was just like a sweet dream.

We stayed at St Edmund's College - one of the 31 colleges of the University of Cambridge and had wonderful lessons conducted by the teachers from Ardmore Language Schools....

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Yau Tsim Mong District Outstanding Student

Yau Tsim Mong District School Liaison Committee Annual Prize Presentation Ceremony was successfully held on 24 June 2017. Yim Yuen Yan of 5D was awarded the Yau Tsim Mong District Outstanding Student (Gold Prize) for her excellent performance in academic studies, extra-curricular activities as well as community services.

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Ten Sports Excellence Award of the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation Grantham Outstanding Student Athlete Awards

Yiu Nam (1B) has attained remarkable results in various inter-school sports competitions, including athletics, cross country and orienteering throughout the school year. In recognition of her outstanding achievements, she is awarded the Ten Sports Excellence Award of the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation Grantham Outstanding Student Athlete Awards.

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Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition

Date: 30 Jun 2017

Our school took part in the “Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition” organized by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with the aim to promote students’ interests in Mathematics and Science subjects. 57 S5 students participated in the competition on 30 April and 1 May and the results are overwhelming.

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Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2017

Date: 26 Jun 2017

Our school Physics Olympiad Team attended Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2017 at HKUST on 14 May 2017. Delightfully, our school team scored high and got the “Best Schools Award”, together with 2 Second Honours, 1 Third Honour and 2 Honourable Mentions.

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Outstanding Student Leaders Award (organized by Hok Yau Club)

Date: 27 May 2017

This year I was nominated for the Outstanding Student Leaders Award organized by Hok Yau Club and was awarded one of the top 10 “Outstanding Student Leaders”. This competition was indeed a valuable opportunity for me to get a holistic view and deep insights of today’s society, as well as to make new friends from other secondary schools.

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Liberal Studies Programme 2016-207 “Healthy Lifestyle, Food Safety and Social Wellness”

Date: 27 May, 2017

Nine Form 4 students joined the Liberal Studies Programme 2016-2017 “Healthy Lifestyle, Food Safety and Social Wellness”, held by the Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest and Heart Diseases Association. Two teams won the competition with bright results, and were awarded the Championship and the Second Prize among over 60 teams.

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CYC Annual Prize-giving ceremony (Yau Tsim Mong District)

Date: 16th May 2017

To promote serving the community and raising awareness of protecting the environment, Community Youth Club (CYC) has taken part in “Greening for the Chest” for The Community Chest. CYC members have prepared pot plants and hand-made ribbon flowers for sale. The program successfully raised funds for “Family and Child Welfare Services” supported by The Community Chest.

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2017 English Drama Fest

Date: 27 April, 2017

The School's English Drama Society participated in the 2017 English Drama Fest organized by the Association of English Medium Secondary Schools on 27th April with the play Mad in Pursuit and was awarded Outstanding Performance and Outstanding Directing.

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Trip to Beijing

Date: 19 - 22 April 2017

During the trip in Beijing, we visited the Summer Palace (頤和園), Marco Polo Bridge (盧溝橋), the Great Wall of China and the Imperial Palace. Thanks to the information provided by our tour guide, I learnt the history behind each of the historical sites. With a deeper understandings of these historical sites, I felt the visit more informative and rewarding.

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Faraday Challenge Day 2017

Date: 13 May 2017

On 13 May, 2017, “Faraday Challenge Day 2017”, which was organized by Institute of Engineering and Technology and co-organized by QES was held in our school. We had a wonderful experience and learned to work with each other.
During the challenge, we were assigned a mission, which was to design a signals transmitter to send emergency messages to seek help.

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16th Chinese Medicine Competition

Date: 23 December 2016 (Heat) to 22 April 2017 (Final)

To enhance their knowledge of Chinese medicine, three groups of QES students participated in 16th Chinese Medicine Competition. They took part in the quiz, video production, presentation and questioning section. Team B and Team C won the Second Prize and the Fourth Prize.

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Trip to Osaka

Date: 15 - 19 March 2017

On the 15th of March, we began our journey to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. The whole journey was incredible and every one of us got the chance to learn and explore about the country more. Everything in Japan is unique in its own way, from language and cultures, to the development of the country.

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Odyssey of the Mind World Finals 2017- Hong Kong Regional Tournament

Date: 1 April 2017

To expose to extensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning opportunities, two groups of QES students participated in the Odyssey of the Mind – Hong Kong Regional Tournament 2017.

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1st Joint Government Secondary School Chinese Debating Competition

Date: 11 March 2017

This year our school was honored to hold the 1st Joint Government Secondary School Chinese Debating Competition. It was a golden opportunity to broaden our horizons and improve our debating skills as well as the way of logical thinking.

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理財策劃大比拼 2017

Date: 25 March 2017

To arouse students’ interest in Business Accounting and Financial Studies and develop a good sense of financial management among students, QES participated in the financial competition. Five QES students entered the final round of the competition, they gave a presentation and submitted the proposal on financial planning on the day of the Final. Among the 12 teams, QES won the Second Prize with outstanding performance.

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Inter-school Athletics Competition 2016-2017

Date: 6,9,14 February 2017

QES Athletics Team has joined the Inter-school Athletics Competition (Division III Area 2) 2016-17 on 6 , 9 and 14 February 2017 at Wan Chai Sports Ground. Our students compete through the exciting events and got excellent results. Our girls’ team got 111.5 points and ranked 4th among 38 schools.

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True Light Girls' College X QES Student Exchange Programme

Date: 16-17, 20 February 2017

The three-day exchange programme has provided me a golden opportunity to broaden my horizons, explore different school cultures and make new friends.
I would like to start by describing the True Light Girls’ College (TLGC) campus: it seems to be a bit small, but I was totally amazed when my buddies showed me around. It houses a gym, tennis court and even a chapel that hosts lots of facilities.

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Trip to Zhaoqing

Date: 21 - 23 December 2016

This trip to Zhaoqing was inspiring. From the visit to Zhaoqing Dinghu Middle School, I understand that there are no big differences between us and those mainland students. We can get along well.

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Taiwan Study Tour

Date: 17 - 21 December 2016

From 17 to 21 December 2016, 9 of our schoolmates and our teacher, Mr. Chau, together with students from other Hong Kong government secondary schools, travelled to Taiwan. Besides visiting the universities and night markets in Taiwan, we have also been to the some museums and parks. Experiencing things that cannot be taught in the classroom, we have learnt a lot from Taiwan cultures. Our horizons were broadened in just a few days.

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Homantin Government Secondary School (HGSS) and Queen Elizabeth School exchange programme

Date: 22-23 November 2016

On 22 and 23 November, I had an extraordinary experience at Homantin Government Secondary School (HGSS). On the first day, the environment was totally new to me. However, my caring buddy had done a great job by showing me around the campus and introducing all the details about HGSS to me, which allowed me to actively engage myself into the lessons and activities there.

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South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School (STMGSS) and Queen Elizabeth School exchange programme

Date: 15 - 17 November 2016

From 15 to 17 November 2016, there was a three-day exchange programme between South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School (STMGSS) and Queen Elizabeth School. Three of our S5 schoolmates went to STMGSS and four from STMGSS came to QES. Before the day I went to the school, Lisa, my buddy at STMGSS, greeted me and reminded me of what to bring and be aware of in her school through WhatsApp.

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Alumni Mentorship Programme

Date: 25 February 2017

On 25 February, the Alumni Mentorship Programme was held for its second time at our school hall. This programme was kicked off in October 2016, with the aim of assisting us in deepening our understanding of the latest career trend and advising us to make informed and cautious decisions on our career choices. The alumni of our school, ranging from popular occupations like doctors, barristers, to rare ones like preachers and clinical psychologists were invited to share their special encounters and difficulties in their jobs.

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Outstanding results in 2017 HKDSE Examination Category C Subject (Japanese Language)

6A Wong Yat Yu and 6C Wong Ka Ying took the 2017 HKDSE Examination Category C Subject (Japanese Language) and were awarded Grade A and Grade B respectively.

Student Union – Lunar New Year Fair 2017

Date: 22 to 28 January 2017

To enrich students’ other learning experiences, the school has taken part in the Lunar New Year Fair 2017. The activity is initiated by the Student Union and led by the Lunar New Year Fair Committee. The Student Union received great support from parents, alumni and teachers, and successfully raised a capital amounted to $80, 000 and bided a stall at Victoria Park.

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2016 孔聖盃學界數學奧林匹克公開賽

Date: 10 July 2016 and 10 September 2016

On 10 July and 10 September, 10 students represented QES to participate in 「2016 孔聖盃學界數學奧林匹克公開賽」. Students had outstanding performance in the competition and QES finallyt came third among all participating schools.

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Asia Pacific Synchronized Swimming Championships

Date: 2 - 4 December 2016

5C Siu Wing Hei represented Hong Kong to participate in the Asia Pacific Synchronized Swimming Championships held from 2nd - 4th December, 2016 in Selangor, Malaysia. Siu Wing Hei was the 1st runner-up in free solo (age group 16-18).

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Schools Inter-port Cross Country Competition

Date: 16 December 2016

1B Yiu Nam represented Hong Kong to participate in the Schools Inter-port Cross Country Competition on 6th December, 2016. She got 14th and assisted Hong Kong to win the overall Championship. The competition is a biennial national event at secondary school level. A total of 40 runners from Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong and Fujian participated in this event. Read More>>

Inter-school Swimming Competition (Division III Area 1) 2016-17

Date: 3-4 October 2016

QES Swimming Team has joined the Inter-school Swimming Competition (Division III Area 1) 2016-17 on 3 & 14 October 2016 at Kowloon Park Swimming Pool. Everyone in the team tried their best in various events and got excellent results. Our girls swimming team scored 130 points and ranked 2nd among 33 participating schools.

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18th Student Union – Elysian

Date: 30 September 2016

The election of the 18th Student Union was successfully held on 30 September 2016 and the new cabinet -- Elysian was elected. Elysian will work for the well-being of students, integrate every student into the school community and act as a bridge between the school and students in the school year 2016 - 2017.

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Alumni Mentorship Programme 2016-2017

Date: 15 Oct 2016

On 15 October, the Alumni Mentorship Programme 2016 - 2017, which is designed for all Secondary Three to Six students, was kicked off at our school hall. The programme aimed at helping students with their future career planning and strengthening their self-understanding. Our alumni from different professions were invited to share their working experiences and feelings on the job with students, inspiring students to making informed career choices, understanding the industry prospect, remuneration of the job and so on.

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