Guidance and Counseling Committee - Mental Health Promotion Booth

1. students are experiencing early psychosis with VR headsets

2. The process of making a star bottle can help students to relieve from stress

3. students are engaged in the star bottle workshop and relax trhough art

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Date: 2023/09/25
Activity: Guidance and Counseling Committee - Mental Health Promotion Booth


On 25 September, the Guidance and Counseling Committee organized an event in collaboration with the New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. The purpose of the event was to promote mental well-being among students. The association set up booths and conducted activities to raise awareness about mental illnesses. Through the use of a virtual reality (VR) headsets and interactive games, students learned about the characteristics of different mental illnesses. Additionally, the association provided stress relief kits to the students. There were also expressive art displays to inspire students to explore healthy ways to release and express their emotions and feelings. It was an informative and engaging event.

4. Writing down their thoughts and emotions can help students reduce stress and anxiety

5. Creating artwork is a way to alleviate negative emotions