Agar Art Contest 2023 (Hong Kong Region)

Chinese Version


2023/10/21 (Workshop and Competition)
2023/12/3 (Biotechnology Talk and prize Presentation Ceremony)

Sik Sik Yuen Biotech MobileLab and Ho Yu College and Primary School
(Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)

2nd Runner up
3A Li Yuet (Team Leader), 3A Zhong Yui Nga, 3A Xu Lok Ching, 2C Mok Yuen Ki

2A Chen Haythan, 2A Leung Lai Yin, 2C Luo Robert, 1A Zheng Xin Yang

Agar Art is an innovative form of art, which uses agar plates as canvas and coloured bacteria as paint, to create microbial artwork under optimal cultivation. The theme of this year's Agar Art Competition is "Microbiology in Space". In the competition, students can demonstrate their creativity and problem-solving skills in STEAM learning and present the ideas of microorganisms and outer space on agar.