STEM Training Day Camp

Having Fun in STEM training camp

Finally, our vehicle completed all the tasks!

Date: 15 & 17 August 2017
Venue: Hong Kong Science Park
Students: LAM Ki-yu Keily, FONG Ho-fung Thomas, CHENG Cheuk-lam Yuki

This summer, we were nominated to participate in the "STEM Creative Training Camp" which was organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. "STEM" is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Through this training and learning opportunity, we have enhanced our knowledge in these areas.

In August, we went to the Hong Kong Science Park for STEM training. The theme of the training camp was "vehicle". In the two-day training camp, we made vehicles with different energy and transmission systems practices, including pull back cars and electric cars. We also needed to use different laws to design vehicles, such as the law of conservation of energy, Newton's first, second and third laws, Fleming's left-hand rule, etc.

Then we used different materials to produce the model car. We used paper cups, elastic bands, toothpicks, axles, wheels and so on. In the process, we encountered a lot of setbacks. Sometimes we thought we finished all the procedures correctly, however, the car could not move! We had to go through several tests and improvements, and ultimately we could produce a model car which could move smoothly and complete all the tasks.

During the learning and training process, we concentrated on the lessons because if we missed any important points, we would barely be able to complete the tasks successfully. Also we learnt a lot about power and energy, laws and technology through hands-on experience. Besides that, we learned how to work patiently as well. To complete different tasks, we needed teamwork and repeated testing and modification.

We are very grateful to our teacher for giving us such a valuable learning opportunity. We learned a lot about Science and Technology out of the classroom, which broadened our knowledge and our horizons. We are eager to learn more about STEM knowledge. We strive to be more active and would like to share the new knowledge we have learned with our peers.