Prefect training camp 2017/2018

With courage, perseverance and faith, Prefect body dedicated to our schoolmates and our school

We understand the importance of collaboration through designated training games

After the training, we gained valuable friendship and established team spirit

(Chinese Version)

Date: 29 íV 30 September 2017
Venue: Baptist Assembly (Fanling)

Participants: Prefect Body

As one of the four major student bodies in QES, the Prefect Body acts as the role model for our peers to emulate. While it may seem that our duties include to help maintain discipline in school, a sense of belonging and collaboration between prefects come as a priority in the face of establishing a successful student body.

Therefore, in late September, a prefect training camp was held in Fanling to facilitate communication among prefects of the 2017/18 school year. Through team-building activities, members of the Prefect Body were able to bond and understand each othersíŽ personalities, strengths and weaknesses, thereby creating a team that can work efficiently and effectively. Meanwhile, by engaging in various forms of high-events, prefects have learnt to build up trust, successfully strengthening our peer acquaintances of mutual care and concern.

To achieve the goal, we need courage and collaboration

Being the leaders of the Prefect Body, we are overjoyed to have observed visible advancement in the aspects of partnership, rapport and harmony after participating in the camp. Members were fully immersed in the activities and wholeheartedly dedicated to the Prefect Body. As the role model and service body of QES, prefects are to always be committed and consistent in order to contribute their entire effort to fulfill their responsibilities and duties, to be of service to school discipline and our fellow students.