Tech for Future Artificial Intelligence Taster Course

Chinese Version

Participants: Junior Form Students

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most significant trends that will shape the future of humankind. In this technological era, our students must equip themselves with Literacy in Artificial Intelligence to seize future opportunities.

The school organized 12 sessions of taster courses on innovations of Artificial Intelligence technologies on Saturday mornings in May 2022. Over 300 junior form students participated in the taster courses. Students learned about AI's fundamental principles, applications and impact and engaged in hands-on activities on cloud-based Computer Vision technologies that can analyze facial attributes.

We also took this opportunity to recruit interested junior students to join the AI Maker x Microsoft AI-900 Certificate Training course kickstarted after the examination. Students would further learn about machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), and ethics in AI. The program has attracted overwhelming responses. The course and examination fees will also be fully sponsored under the "IT Innovation Lab in Schools" program.